Practical informations

For all screenings and events the entry is free
For films and art experiences Czasoprzestrzenie VR you must sign up free of charge. The sign up sheet is available here
If you have any questions please ask our volunteers in the Festival Centre in the hall of Świdnica’s Culture Centre

During the opening hours of the Info Centre you can also visit our cafe.

Festival locations


City theatre

Rynek 43, 58-100 Świdnica

Gallery of photgraphy

Rynek 44, 58-100 Świdnica

City Hall Tower

Wewnętrzna 2, 58-100 Świdnica

Świdnica Main Railway Station

Dworcowa 3, 58-100 Świdnica

How to get here



Świdnica Miasto –




P.W.H.D –

Where to eat



Wrocławska 1, 58-100 Świdnica

Rynek 43

Rynek 43, 58-100 Świdnica

Piwnica ratuszowa

Rynek 37, 58-100 Świdnica

Simply Best Kupiecki

Rynek 18 , 58-100 Świdnica

Mini Forum

Łukowa 3 58-100 Świdnica


Rynek 23, 58-100 Świdnica