Under the sun

Picture perfect setting – colourful masses of people, cheering for their leader. We’re in North Korea, a country flourishing under the leadership of Kim Dzong Un. At least that was the first idea for this film, commissioned by the propaganda office, that step-by-step supervised the Russian director. Witalij Manski, without having to outsmart his „guardians” too much, shows that the country „under the sun” perfected indoctrination of its citizens in a most cruel way. Our guide through that world is eight year old Zin-mi, who is soon to join the Korean Children’s Union. By watching her preparations, we get a glimpse into the inside mechanism of a totalitarian country. [text: Stanisław Abramik]

11th of June | 15:00

Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, North Korea, 2015, 106 min

Directed by:

Witalij Manski


Witalij Manski

Cinematography by:

Alexandra Ivanova

Film Editing by:

Andrey Paperniy


13. MFF Millennium Docs Against Gravity – Millennium Prize


13. MFF Millennium Docs Against Gravity