II Overview of the best documentary cinematic VR experiences “Czasoprzestrzenie VR”

This year, for the second time the audience in Świdnica will have a chance to watch dozens of the best documentary experiences in the world, prepared for the virtual reality environment. The progress in registration and preparation of footage makes those experiences technologically more advanced. There is an increasing amount of documentary films recorded in 3D, which is a key element for the viewer’s total immersion in the recorded environments. Moreover, the increase in creators’ understanding of the medium results in a wider variety of themes and forms being explored. Similarly to last year we have divided the experiences into five blocks:

Reportage – short 360 video forms and cinematic VR, devoted to the current issues around the world

Anthropological documentary – observational documentary forms of cinematic VR that allow the viewer to participate and observe fairly unknown societies around the world.

Creative documentary – narrative documentary forms of cinematic VR presenting unique points of view on given topics.

Edges of documentary – forms of cinematic VR experiences based on authentic events or occurrences that use elements from other fields of art (animation, interaction, gamification) and/or openly use fictional elements in the narrative.

Varia – experiences presenting the most advanced examples of the use of the cinematic VR language.

Join us on the other side of reality

9.06 | 11:00 -19:00 MAIN RAILWAY STATION
10.06 | 11:00 -19:00
11.06 | 11:00 – 16:00

8 stations
4 sets, each 25 min long
3 days